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" I have maintained regular correspondence with many of the boys of Deoband long after I left the madrasah. One year later, some of the photos that I took were put on display at the Rotterdam Museum of Ethnology where I also presented a lecture entitled ' A Day in the Life of Deoband'. Later, I wrote to one of the boys, Nawab and informed him thus:

Dear Nawab,
You will be pleased to know that last week I was in Rotterdam, which is a city in the Netherlands, and I gave a talk about your school. I showed them the photos I took, including the one I took of you, me Shabab Bhai, Fairuz amd Muhammad. They were very pleased with the exhibition and I hope you will be proud to know that your photo is hanging on display in a museum in Europe.

Days passed, and then weeks. Finally, I received a reply from Nawab, who wrote thus:

Dearest respected and beloved Ustaz Fareesh al-Muhammad al-Noor, May Allah bless you and guide you in your work, and may Allah always protect you in your travels.

My friends and I are happy to hear that your research has been published and one day we hope that Allah will help us visit you in German (sic). Sadly I do not have a photo of you to remember by, but Allah is kind. Whenever I need to think of you, I close my eyes, and I see you again.

Then my heart swells with love; and my eyes, they drown in tears.
Your most respectful student,

Nawab "

(Farish A.Noor, Qur'an and Cricket)

One of the most beautiful 'moments' I've ever read between student and teacher=)
Happy belated teachers' day.

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